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“Swift & Rodgers” is a fund /charity club where you voluntarily apply your membership and register at the web page Also voluntarily you contribute any amount of money as a donation without expecting the definite return of that amount, any type of accrued premium or supposed referral fees.

In case you have a need of financial aid, you request the relevant amount by an online application. It is possible that the indicated amount will be transferred directly to you indicated bank account, but the fund does not take a responsibility that the aid is guaranteed. In case of aid payment, the Fund is paying all taxes required by the Georgian Legislation with its own financial means.


We have created a market where you will be able to purchase your desired products at 40% less than their market price. Communication between the consumers and suppliers occurs indefendently, without involvement of the fund.

  • The Fund is not liable to inform you whom or with what amount it has granted financial aid to anyone.
  • The Fund is entitled to distribute the donated amounts at its discretion.
  • The goal of SWIFT&RODGERS is to provide aid to the maximum number of the club members, but it does not take responsibility of guaranteed payments.

By clicking the link below you agree to the terms listed above and acknowledge your readness to transfer your desired amount of donation without the aim to get a refund. The donations can be made by bank transfer to Swift&Rodgers account at the bank licensed by the National Bank Of Georgia. To sign up please Click here